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Escrow Fee Estimator


Only the items marked with a red * are required, so feel free to leave the other fields blank to speed up your calculation.

We provide escrow services throughout all of Washington, but the fee estimator is limited to King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties because those are the counties covered by Vesta Title, LLC.  If your transaction is outside of King, Pierce, or Snohomish, contact us and we will still provide you with file closing services and we will take care of obtaining and delivering pricing details for you for any county in Washington.

This estimator is provided for your convenience to help you prepare your order and transaction.  This estimator is powered by Vesta Title, LLC, a separate entity and our preferred title provider.  Purchasing title products through Vesta Title, LLC is not required when using Vesta Law and Escrow's services and you can obtain your title insurance product needs from any producer of your choosing.  The fee estimator tool provides a general estimate of common expected costs based on the purchase of the selected title products through Vesta Title, LLC.  There may be relatively minor deviations from the estimate once all documents are obtained, such as the precise per-page fees for recording documents with the county recording office and the actual wire transfer fees charged by your chosen banking institutions.  

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